recite-4073-1500616935-h3t3x9-2Want to put a new spin on your photos?

Maybe its just me… But this transformation makes me hApPy!




In a few steps, we can check this off your bucket list.

1.) Visit to use the awesome complimentary photo-editing tools to make the magic happen.  Click edit and you will be prompted to select the photo you want to edit.

2.) Crop your photo to make it a square.  Click apply to your square crop.  Trust me… we have to be hip and square before we can roll to round.

3.) Click on the frame options and select “Rounded Corners.”  Drag the corner radius bubble to maximize the radius.  Place a check in the box next to “Transparent Corners.”   Click apply.  Your screen will look something like this…


4.) Save your masterpiece.  Note: select the .jpg option.


deer bill

Have you heard about the app Waterlogue?

A $2.99 investment that converts your photo to a beautiful work of art.

Painted in Waterlogue

Painted in Waterlogue

– – –

In my world, music makes the earth spin.  Big news:  Ellie Holcomb released a new album this week!


Front row at a 2013 performance!

I adore each song but my current favorite is… Marvelous Light.

iTunes – Music – As Sure as the Sun by Ellie Holcomb

  Smitten with her lovely voice and inspired lyrics.  I think you will be too!

Painted in WaterlogueOr, check out Live Forever or Hourglass by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors!

Thanks for stopping by… I would love to hear about your creative photo transformations!

I hope your weekend is full of hApPy!