I have been experimenting with tiles again.  I printed this beloved photo on tissue paper.  As you know, tissue paper is fragile so it is a tricky surface for printing.  The solution?  Trim and tape a segment of tissue paper (I used white tissue paper) to a base 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper that you can feed through your printer.  I used Scotch tape to secure the tissue paper edges inside the margins of the copy paper or card stock.  I haven’t had a paper jam yet!

Once printed, I trimmed the tissue paper (while still attached to the card stock). I used Mod Podge to attach the tissue paper to my tile.  The paper folds into the tile edges extending the picture.  I love the distressed image and the way the photo appears to be melted on the tile.

I also made a few more tiles using the traditional rub on transfer method.  I treated each tile to a light spray of matte polyurethane.