I just read a newsletter from Photojojo about a technique for transferring a photo to wood…  Of course one method would be to simply trim a photo to the size of the wood piece and attach it!  Easy and done!

But to create a more interesting (well, interesting to me!) and slightly distressed effect, a photo transfer technique can be used.  I have been planning to create something using photos from my nephew’s beautiful wedding last summer so I started with the image below, printing it on my inkjet printer.  I was inspired by a newsletter this week in Photojojo where I found an article about image transfer.  The Photojojo link appears at the very end of this post.  Their instructions mention using a laser printer (not sure printer type matters!).  I found a 3 x 5 inch piece of wood in a bag I purchased for another project.  It was a bag of wood pieces from Hobby Lobby.  Bottom line –  I didn’t have to cut boards to get started.

The beautiful couple!

The supplies:  favorite photo(s), scissors for trimming once you print your photo on a piece of paper (regular white, thin paper works best), a matte gel medium (found in the acrylic paints section of the art store); Mod Podge or a polyuerathene sealer, sponge paint brushes and a piece of wood (your canvas so to speak!).

I illustrated the process below in a series of photos and comments.

I applied some gel medium to the paper photo and moved it around with a sponge brush. I printed the image using a “flip” feature on my page set-up. If you are printing a photo with words this is important as they would appear backwards if you don’t print via a flipped setting.

I used an old iTunes gift card to help push the paper onto the wood. The next step was letting it sit overnight… just like this.

In the morning I applied water to the wood block to loosen the paper. Essentially I needed to remove the paper and leave the printed image on the wood. I used my fingers to displace the paper – a process that took longer than I anticipated. The more you work on this the more distressed the image becomes.

The end result has an Instagram look and feel I think…


This version has a more distressed look.

I also tried this with prints from a photocopy machine using a self portrait (I am not a fan of using photos of me but this was laying on my desk)!

I used this as my final layer!

For better instructions check out the source for my inspiration here:

DIY: Make Easy Photo Transfers on Wood | Photojojo