ansel adams quote

If you were to ask me to name my favorite photographer of all time, I would likely talk in circles but never arrive at a definitive answer.  My idols don’t fit on a neat top ten list.

But, I just might start by mentioning Ansel Adams.  His sheer genius captured nature like no other.   Just typing his name conjures up vast black and white landscapes.  Did you know Mr. Adams tried to capture what you “see,” believing that photos should have crisp focus, because of course, that is how our eyes view the world.  My favorite Ansel Adams photo is Tetons & Snake River because of its moody clouds.  It brilliantly demonstrates the use of leading lines to guide your eye to the primary subject, a composition trick you are likely familiar with.

Leading Lines

Just in case this technique is new to you, consider using a boardwalk, sidewalk, playground equipment or a row of lights to tell your story or draw a connection between two objects.  My amateur attempts appear in the next series photos.


Does your gaze follow the fence to my hipster subject?



But all that talk about leading lines only points you to today’s project!

Polka Dot Photos!!!

PicMonkey Collage

Did you happen to see this on my Instagram or Facebook page this week?  I featured these images.

In case you are wondering how to make your own…

st patricks day boston terrier

The Formula!

1.) Hop over to to use their complimentary online photo editing tools.   Select “Design” (*t icon).  Create a square canvas and choose an awesome color from the palette. Click apply.

2.) Click on the frame options and select “Rounded Corners.”  Drag the corner radius bubble to maximize the radius (as you drag to the right you will see your circle emerge).  Place a check in the box next to “Transparent Corners.”  Click apply.

3.) Select the butterfly icon (it sits above the frames icon).  Select “Your Own,” which will allow you to insert your photo.

4.) After inserting your photo, “select” it (the image will have a white outline when selected).  Click on the eraser option in the overlay pop-up box.  Choose your eraser size and begin erasing elements you want eliminated (in my case I erased all background elements leaving just my dog).   You will notice that if the edges have a lot of detail, a smaller eraser brush size will be more effective.

The eraser literally makes elements of the photo disappear.  Abracadabra not required.  Just a steady hand.  Here is a screen capture of the erasing process..


Selected photo and eraser option.

boston terrier pink bubble

Click here for a detailed tutorial straight from PicMonkey on using erasers.

Doesn’t everything look adorable sitting on a polka dot.

boston terrier party girl

Now, what can you do with these dots?

Enhance a child’s t-shirt with an iron-on transfer, perhaps?

IMG_4282 IMG_4259