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Humbly honored to have a published article (and photo!) in the winter 2015/16 issue (Issue 6) and the summer 2016 publication (Issue 8) of my absolute favorite magazine: Bella Grace. If you haven’t already fallen in love with this publication here is a quick introduction… Bella Grace overflows with delightful stories of finding magic in the ordinary. Every page makes you want to step inside and stay awhile (I promise). It is beautifully crafted and printed on the most divine paper.  Let the winter issue wrap your soul in warmth.  Or step into the delightful pages of the summer 2016 issue. Grateful to appear alongside several admired writers and photographers.  To order Bella Grace please click here or visit your local Barnes & Noble or order on Amazon!

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Bella Grace: Winter Issue 6


In the spring of 2016 I was featured on the Bella Grace blog hop:  Grace Notes on 4.16. 2016 with my post, Life is in the Lyrics.  You can find inspirational posts that celebrate where ordinary intersects with extraordinary by visiting Bella Grace Magazine’s Blog: Grace Notes.

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