raindrop sunrise quote

It was a rainy Monday in my corner of Wisconsin.  During my morning commute I saw several drenched cows.  The rain fine-tuned their colors, painting the fields with shiny black and vivid chestnut.  It also transitioned the grassy fields from umber to green.

And, I swear I saw every branch transform to bud.

IMG_9573 IMG_9570

IMG_8493Last week I was painting with a sweet 2-year-old.  He dipped his paintbrush carefully into a small cup of water and then magically transformed a coloring page from black & white to a colorful masterpiece.  A bit like today’s rain.

I hope you witnessed a form of nature’s magic today.  Many days elapse in the flurry of busy – too absorbed in what’s next or examining what just happened.  And the tiny wonders slip by.  But I hope that wasn’t the case for you on this Monday.

golden hour collage

In honor of sprinkles and storms, I assembled a quick rainy day compilation.

“Rain from Heaven,” Eric Paslay

“Let it Rain,” Keri Noble

“Raining All Year,” Allen, Mack & Myers & Moore

“Right as Rain,” Adele

“Let it Rain,” Zac Brown

“Come in With the Rain,” Taylor Swift

“Feels Like Rain,” John Hiatt

“I Think It’s Going to Rain Today,” Norah Jones

“Rainy Days And Mondays,”  The Carpenters

And, my favorite song (brilliant lyrics):

“More Heart, Less Attack,” NEEDTOBREATHE

 A lyric sampler…

Be the wheels not the track
Be the wanderer that’s coming back
Leave the past right where it’s at
Be more heart and less attack.

I stuck my hat out, I caught the rain drops
I drank the water, I felt my veins pop
I’m nearly sanctified, I’m nearly broken
I’m down the river, I’m near the open.

“More Heart, Less Attack” was written by Bo Rinehart and Bear Rinehart.

Maybe it is possible to seize at least a few moments each day.  Even when it is raining.