heaven and nature sing

I hope all is merry and bright in your corner of the world.

In case you are searching for a last-minute, homemade gift from the heart…

create JOY!


I used 13.5 inch jumbo letters from Hobby Lobby for this project.  Apply a coat of paint and allow time for the paint to dry and eat some cookies.  Once dry, drill holes using a drill bit the size of the tiny bulb on your LED battery operated lights (again, I found mine at Hobby Lobby).  I didn’t measure before using the drill.  I just drilled where I thought the lights might look good.  Add a few batteries and insert the lighted tips into the holes that you drilled.  Do a little cleanup on the flip side, taping off the leftover lights and cords.  A dot from a glue gun helps to anchor each light to the back.


Maker’s Gonna Make Make Make



Trust me: this is an easy project.  The hardest part for me was finding the drill!



 Focusing on the little things:  the simple + the divine = JOY.


IMG_4525 Intention ornaments from last year.


Music tip:  I bet you thought I would recommend this song… I would, but I can’t stop listening to Ben Howard’s Every Kingdom deluxe album.  I am here to say:  it is fantastic.

Here he is singing Silent Night.


Choose joy.  Especially in the chaos.

Repeat the Sounding Joy!