On May 31, 2012 I posted about a belt buckle project.  Click here for a peak back…belt buckle « ordinarycreative!   I promised I would report back on the finished project and I am happy to report that both buckles dried perfectly with no bubbles and no fingerprints (since I resisted testing how dry they were – I learned this lesson the hard way on previous projects).

Using a tiny bit of leftover resin from the belt buckle pour, I used a form to create a small key chain for my dad.   I printed a photo of his dog on transparent paper and embedded the photo into resin.  Today I popped it out of the form and finished the keychain.

The supplies.

The dog’s name is Babe!

I use this tiny Fiskars hand drill all the time. It works great for tiny projects like this where I wanted a small drilled hole in the top of this resin piece.