I had a brief philosophical discussion recently with a brilliant real-life artist about how she manages her creative space.  I was surprised to hear that she often feels the overwhelm of too much stuff.  From my perspective, her beautiful studio space is magazine worthy.  A Somerset Studios publication perhaps?   Since I am a playful creative I can’t compare our stories but the common thread was we were both wondering how much to keep and where to put it all.

I have been taking over a corner room in our house. I love the space and its awesome light and tile floors.  But it feels very selfish to “own” this space. After acknowledging the self-centered part, I am also realizing that maybe, just maybe, it is ok to nurture this creative passion.  On a practical level with the ritual of everyday creating sometimes I spend more time looking for the Mod Podge than I spend on the actual project.

Digging in to carve out some sacred creative space.  To get underway I painted a peg board with Rust-oleum Satin Granite spray paint.  I used Gorilla glue to attach some cute baskets.  These were formerly used for a birthday party!  I added some glass vases to the ends to create an organization station.  A baby step…. now I have to select which supplies will be stored here and get this attached to the wall.  More on this room and space next week..