“It’s not about how to achieve your dreams.

It’s about how to lead your life.

If you lead your life the right way,

the karma will take care of itself.

The dreams will come to you.”  

– Randy Pausch

Pittsburgh is awesome… Not sure what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting the hills (serious hills), the tunnels, the brightly painted and cheerful gas stations or the incredibly friendly people.  I should have known I would love it here – this is the home of Carnegie Mellon where Randy Pausch was a professor.  The Last Lecture is one of my favorite books of all time.  I quote him frequently and when facing decisions I often consider… “how would Randy handle this?”   Dancer Gene Kelly, artist Mary Cassatt and actor Michael Keaton came from Pittsburgh.

There are no coincidences.
This is one of my favorite statements. Or perhaps you might call it or thought or philosophy. I don’t know what to label it, but I find myself saying it all the time.  As in everyday. There are so many moments that provide evidence to support my hypothesis or perhaps I should call it psychic phenomenon.  On June 23 I had one of those experiences of epic synchronicity.  Ok, I might be over-reacting. But honestly, in the moment I called it epic synchronicity and I am sticking to it.  We were traveling to see the Abby Lee dance recital at the Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh and left our hotel at 1 p.m. with plans to arrive early for the 2 p.m. performance. My GPS suggested my travel time would be 35 minutes.  At 1:24 p.m. we arrived at the Shady Side Academy, ahead of my calculated time.  Except we arrived to find an empty parking lot without a single car or person in sight.  Clearly we arrived at the “wrong” Shady Side Academy.  My primary task in this travel adventure was driving the birthday girl to the event and I was on course to fail.  I had 36 minutes to figure it out.  I asked my iPhone for travel advice and was told I was at the Shady Side Academy. Big help. On the brink of panic (ok tears) I found I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to come up with a “plan.”  The girls asked if I had a map.  Um, of course not, who carries maps these days?  I parked and started to think (ok fight back the tears) and about three seconds into my thinking phase a lady approached my window to ask if I needed help.  She had the kindest bright blue eyes, just like my friend Julie Weber.  Anyway, recall there were no cars and no people within my 360-degree radius on the private campus of this school.  Suddenly she appears and asks how she can help!  Epic relief.  I explained my dilemma and she asked me to take notes while she calmly gave me step-by-step instructions for traveling to the performance center for other Shady Side Academy on the other side of town.  She mentioned which lane to be in on the bridge, landmarks for every turn and wildlife areas to notice along the way.  I wrote copious notes because her details were so vivid and specific.  She said farewell gently nudging me on my way indicating I had a 32 minute drive ahead. Without time to properly and profusely thank her, we were on our way.  The girls read the instructions providing an assist at every street sign, intersection and bridge. We saw a beaver at the wildlife preserve along the way and parked at 1:58 and entered the building after running up a huge hill to the theater doors at 2:00 p.m.  We entered the dark theater at 2:01 p.m. and sat in the nearest open chairs we could see; totally ignoring our assigned ticketed seats.  There was a funny moment when the Lifetime television camera crews illuminated the dance moms a few rows ahead of us.  Ah, no wonder there weren’t people sitting in this section!  But I found the television lighting helped with my camera’s ability to snap no flash photos.

Gratitude for epic synchronicity. Check

The day began with a hilly hike.

For more information on The Last Lecture, please click here. The Last Lecture | Randy Pausch.  Or, read up on synchronicity here: Synchronicity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  Fascinating.