These snapshots were taken in the very early hours of June 9th; sometime after midnight when Friday turned into Saturday!  We were sharing laughs and kindred stories with dear friends in the outdoor garden of the Iron Horse Hotel.  Two of my childhood friends were in town visiting from Minnesota.  They are an amazing duo.  Beautiful, devoted, wickedly funny, thoughtful and kind, wise and my admiration for them overflows.

I love our history.  I love the fact that every single time we connect we pick up where we left off.  I love that we make the time to connect and we haven’t let years elapse.   I love that I know that despite the five-hour distance between our homes; I could count on them in a heart beat.

Though it was getting late and the morning plans included a l o n g early morning run… ending the fun just didn’t seem like the responsible thing to do.   Why burst the bubble when it was so perfectly suspended in the beautiful warm summer night?

I am seriously grateful for friends (old and new) on the path of life.  My chosen tribe.
( My draft post was published initially for this date:  ACK!).  My apologies!