“The mind ought sometimes to be diverted

that it may return to better thinking.”


If there was a theme to my week it was… diverting.  We were ready for 4th of July celebrations but our plans changed and we ended up in the office.  All set for this and then that interrupted.   The ebb of and flow of planning, revisiting and undoing the plans.  Scheduling appointments only to cancel or postpone.  Divert and re-direct.  My job was a course of crisis-hop direct to overwhelm.   Even play practice for Emma was topsy-turvy.  The schedule indicated a 5 p.m. end on Thursday.  Then came the phone call came that they wrapped up three hours early and I was the last to arrive leaving my teen on the 100-degree sidewalk of the high school.   The gratitude moments arrived but to be honest, I struggled with all the diversions.  All my go with the flow philosophies were tested and re-tested.  Keep calm and carry on.  Today was a get up and go early day interrupted by thunderstorms in the Minneapolis area.  On our way there one minute and then on our way home the next as we missed a family event.  Such was the week.

Then… in an ordinary conversation today with a new friend we stumbled upon a topic that stopped me in my tracks and brought everything into perspective.  This is a new friend to me; old friend to my husband. In fact I just met him a couple of weeks ago. I was instantly struck by his positive, keep smiling kinda attitude.  He has a radiant and wise spirit and is quick with a positive comment or helpful gesture.  Today he told me a story about the fragile balance of life and how things can change in an instant; a lesson he would trade anytime to undo what his family has suffered.  But he carries on; radiating light and joy.  How he does it, I can’t imagine.  I am thankful he is in my path and grateful for the enormous gift of perspective.

I love this peninsula twist!

I spy a tiny heart lake!

Heart field!

My constant companion comprised her affection for soft beds and pillows to lay on the tile while I painted.

She even slept on a tarp for me.