Ann Harrington and Anne Frentzel, co-founders of the Ann’s Hope Foundation for Melanoma

With deep admiration and respect I am introducing two dear friends today, Ann Harrington and Anne Frentzel, co-founders of Ann’s Hope Foundation;  an organization born out of love for two immediate family members: Craig Harasha (Ann’s brother) and Richard Cibula (Anne’s father) both lost to melanoma.  Today the foundation is the only melanoma foundation in the state of Wisconsin holding several events to raise funds for melanoma research and education. The foundation is dedicated to creating a community for those affected by melanoma and ultimately a cure for melanoma.  I am grateful to support Ann’s Hope Foundation and tonight that means honoring those loved ones and stories like that of Ann and Anne.  Today my creative time was spent with emotional purpose creating candles for an event tonight.

We will always remember…

It is Saturday, March 3 and time to Rock Out to Block Out Melanoma with Ann’s Hope at Joey Buona’s Restaurant.

Ann Harrington & Anne Frentzel

Raffle items...

Raffle items…

Live Auction

The Love Monkeys

Siblings: Mark Harasha and Ann Harrington

The Love Monkeys stick around for one more song after a guest offers an extra donation to Ann’s Hope.

Celebrating at the end of a successful evening!

Congratulations Ann and Anne for pulling off yet another successful event with the grace of purpose.  For more information or to register for the Ann’s Hope  5K Run and 3K Walk at the Milwaukee County Zoo, click here…Ann’s Hope Foundation for Melanoma