Last week I received an email from Photojojo with a tip about converting a scarf into a camera strap with a special tutorial by  Stacie Grissom.  I thought the idea was clever. But I tucked the thought of actually making one away after reading that sewing was required (full disclosure: I can not sew but I aspire to one day!).    Over the weekend I was wearing a scarf and my Canon camera strap around my neck… and then, the aha moment!

I started with two keychain rings and a scarf.

I removed my original Canon strap from my beloved camera and attached a keychain ring to each side of my camera.  Next, I looped the scarf through one ring and tied the two ends to the ring on the other side of the camera.  It securely holds the camera (success) and I bypassed the sewing step.  Cute!



To read a more precise route to making a scarf camera strap, click here!   How to Make a Scarf Camera Strap