According to Patti Digh there are six practices for intentional living: Say Yes, Be Generous, Speak Up, Love More, Trust Yourself, and Slow Down, as illustrated by 37 extraordinary and humorous life stories in LIFE IS A VERB: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally. To say the book is inspiring doesn’t really capture the power this one little book holds.  I have mentioned my admiration for Patti Digh; today’s mention is simply because Patti Digh lives in Asheville!  Of course I didn’t bump into Patti at the farmer’s market or the galleries that we toured, but I did think about her as we embraced the “slow down” principle.

Farmer’s Market, Asheville.

For the past five years I have had a magazine clip attached to my desk that looks like this:

I knew it was from an Asheville magazine but I wasn’t sure which artist to credit until I stumbled into her studio today.  After ascending a staircase from a downtown street, we stumbled into the brilliant world of Lynne Harty.  Take a peak here:  Lynne Harty Photography.    It was serendipity when I saw a similar piece in her gallery and inquired about the magazine clip!  I wish we had taken a photo with Lynne!  Next time…

I bought (above) and a book published with Lynne Harty’s photography.

The River Arts District, a collection of studios, galleries and restaurants in a former industrial segment of Asheville.

In the evening we visited the Orange Peel.

The set list!