There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”
– Leonard Cohen

Today everywhere I turned I seemed to be stumbling on the concept of light…. quotes in my Facebook feed, art pieces about light, camera tips about natural light, a t-shirt with the message shine on, etc.  I usually play music off an iPod on the Bose but tonight I hit play to see what was in my kitchen cd player… drum roll please, Coldplay’s Christmas Lights blared….Obviously it has been sitting in the cd player for a few months!

This inspired me to tackle a big project – too big for typical Monday.  I am pretty excited to be underway in giving my kitchen lighting a long overdue makeover.  There are five lights that look like this…

I found some fabric for the makeover….

My first attempt at attaching the fabric to the shade involved Mod Podge but for the first time in a looooong time, the Mod Podge failed me. It just wasn’t working with this shape so I moved on to plan b  – spray adhesive.   I tucked the edges under on the top and bottom using Mod Podge and used the spray adhesive for the sides.  I finished two of the five shades so I am off to a happy start!

Let your light shine.
Be a source of strength and courage.
Share your wisdom.
Radiate love.”
– Wilferd Peterson