IMG_5720According to Oscar Wilde, “And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.”  I have seen a few autumn leaves fall like summer tears.  But, if it looks like summer and it feels like summer, then let’s just call it what it is.  At least for today.


I created this t-shirt in defiance of autumn. You can easily make one just like it.  Stay tuned for the recipe below.  I have a few more photos to prove my theory that summer reigns in the heart of the Midwest.
ordinary creative butterfly

These tiny creatures seem to whisper my mantra… summer forever.  and ever.



Tonight feels like a Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Well said, William. Well, said.  “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”


The T-shirt Recipe

1 light colored t-shirt

1 sheet of Avery Light Fabric Transfer Paper

1 iron

2 minutes using PicMonkey to create your message

(I used the Special Elite font on a transparent background)

Print your text image in reverse (or as a mirror image). Cut out the design, leaving a narrow margin around the image.  Place the printed image face down and iron the entire transfer paper for 20-40 seconds.  Allow the t-shirt to cool and peel off the paper backing.

Of course, I recommend Billy Currington’s track Summer Forever.

And these two lovely tracks:

I Need the Sun to Break by James Bay


Romeo’s Tune by Pajaro Sunrise.