The first step on my run this morning in Tomah, Wisconsin… I love the shape of the rock on the left.  Doesn’t it look like a solid hut?  Last week I attended a meeting regarding the fall marathon I will be running in honor of melanoma warriors and angels through the Ann’s Hope Foundation.  Follow This Link if you would like to make a contribution toward our fundraising efforts!   During the meeting my dear friend Cheri (owner of the Athletic Mind, LLC.) brilliantly shared some advice about the negative self-talk associated with some training runs.  This spoke to me!  Recently I have been caught in the tailspin of  talking myself either out of leaving the driveway all together or talking myself into aches, pains and self-doubt along the way.   I have enjoyed running for years but lately I have low motivation for solo runs. Running with friends is always a positive experience.  It is those lonely solo runs that are often doomed with negative riddles.  Anyway, Cheri asked the team to consciously recognize the negative self talk and immediately replace the messages with positive thoughts.  Ten steps into my Sunday run…and  I encountered this water spillway.  The noise literally drowned out the path of negative monkey chatter streaming through my brain. All of the sudden Cheri’s insights flooded my mind.  I made a conscious decision to tune in and run for joy.

Drowning out my negative self talk.

A symphony of chirping birds and frogs.

Squeals of delight as a grandson, fishing with his grandfather, pulled in another blue gill for the pile. The duo kindly granted me permission to snap this photo!

The final steps of my run landed at a bench overlooking the lake.  Absolutely love this message and though I don’t know Shelly Bowman I took a moment to say a prayer of gratitude for this legacy.

Visiting Tomah for my daughter’s dance event with Marilyn School of Dance.