“I couldn’t tell where heaven stopped

and the earth began.”

-Forrest Gump

11.14.12 Sunrise

I was up at dawn today perched in a porch rocking chair.

I was patiently waiting to capture the first light.

My grand plan is to gift a friend with a memento of the first light on this special day.

I take a lot of sunrise photos. Thousands.

And, not one of my photos looks like this image.

Perhaps the result was an odd camera setting.

But here is what I see…

A line of light that is so splendid it reminds me of a pulse or EKG reading.

The orange tree outline on the right reminds me of roots.

I see a cherished moment.

And, this is what I know for sure…

This sunrise is surreal and angelic.

Something blessed and magical happened after the light broke on this day.

Trust me.