butterfly nature

Today the scales tipped: stress outweighed smiles.  My mind raced and I ranted.  My new little manifesto flew out the window.  I laced up my running shoes and hit the trails at a local state park.  The palpable shift to calm arrived when the lush green space absorbed my angst and melted my agitation.  At least for a while…


The sheer height of the trees always helps put life back into perspective.  Nature’s gift seems to work for the teen crew too.  These photos are from a recent forced hike.  Key word: forced.  They survived and later admitted to actually liking a few of my photos.  The hike assignment was to find a heart and  they delivered.




Which lead to creating with rocks!  I covered a dozen rocks with tissue paper using Mod Podge. The soft paper molds easily to the shape of the rocks.  Once dry, I added intentions with Tim Holtz rub-on words.  Which one speaks to you?



Listening non-stop to this new cd:  iTunes – Music – With You Now – EP by Ellie Holcomb.  Check out the track May the Words. Her voice will melt your worries.  Promise.