I am a wee bit embarrassed to admit this but I have watched 48 sitcom episodes since Dec. 25 when Modern Family season 1 and season 2 appeared on the iPad as a funny (literally funny) gift from my husband.  I am a late adopter.  And, tonight was the last episode of season two. Tear.  The whole family has laughed a lot this month thanks to MF.  Technically I laugh louder than anyone else but as I explained to my daughters its not a ha ha laugh-to-yourself quietly kind of show -you can probably imagine their eye roll at this wisdom.  So for my “creative” pursuit tonight I pulled out some old photos from a taping of the Regis & Kelly show I attended (pre-Regis retirement)!  Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) was a guest and I didn’t fully appreciate his presence in the studio that day.  Now I printed the photo of Jesse and Kelly and properly framed it for my desk.  A little simple reminder that laughter is my favorite hobby.

Look at Gelman on the side of this photo!