Paradise Springs, Eagle, WI

Paradise Springs, near Eagle, WI

It is funny how creative inspiration is delivered through nature’s treasures.  After visiting Paradise Springs last weekend, I can’t stop thinking about the endless photo possibilities within this state park. And the power of thinking outside the frame.

I just finished a project channeling my inner Edward Scissorhands.  I loved that clever movie and the story of Edward, who in spite of his inherent ability to hurt someone, was actually a gentle soul whose only wish in life was to be loved.  Classic.

Let’s just start at the end (for once).


This was a leap from my previous tile projects (tiny tiles and coasters).   It all started with my photo printed at 11” x 17″ on paper at my local Office Max.  I combined the print with a $9 grid of tiles from Home Depot.  My strategy for transferring the paper to the tiles was simple (no pencil marks or measuring).  I scored the paper photo against the tiles, row by row and column by column, and trimmed each square based on the paper imprint.  Matte Mod Podge served as the adhesive to attach each photo square to each tile.


The scissor work is easier than it looks and the repetition (literally 30 “cut and pastes”) is therapeutic.  Once finished, I attached the resulting photo grid of tiles to a thin watercolor canvas panel base, which I had painted dark brown before attaching the tiles.  The canvas panel just happened to fit inside this open black frame.


Have you seen the new Kelly Rae Roberts intention ribbon?  Love at first sight.




I especially love the distressed wooden spool which I converted to a photo display!


I started by creating a narrow photo collage of some amazing photos I recently received.  Each photo helped me reach back in time, unfolding stories about my grandparents, complete with notes written in pencil on the back in my grandmother’s handwriting!  Both died years ago.  (My grandpa died when I was 12, my grandmother died when I was an adult).  If you were to ask me who was the brightest creative light of my childhood, I would name my grandmother in precisely one heartbeat.  I was born on her birthday.

ordinary creative grandparents collage

IMG_1728 IMG_1734

 For more information on the KRR ribbon, click here.

I will be wrapping the ribbon around my intention Christmas tree!

– – –

Since I mentioned Edward Scissorhands, I have to mention another old classic: High Fidelity. Did you see it?  It dates back to Y2K (translation 2000).  I loved Jack Black’s character (Barry) who compiled top 5 lists for every conceivable event.  I assembled a top 5 list of my own.


Top 5 Most Beloved Songs from Movie Soundtracks

1.  “Women’s Work” Kate Bush from the She’s Having a Baby soundtrack

2.  “Songbird” Eva Cassidy from the Love Actually soundtrack

3.  “Sweet Disposition” The Temper Trap from the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack

4. “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Pretty in Pink’s soundtrack

5. “Uninvited” Alanis Morissette City of Angels soundtrack


Um, just kidding… I can’t stop at 5.  The next 3 songs are my favorite songs ever (perhaps, but that is another top 5 list).  Each song I discovered on the P.S. I Love You soundtrack.

Love you Till the End” The Pogues


If I Ever Leave This World Alive Flogging Molly

I hope the rhythm of your life is more up, than down

and that you are stepping into the season of gratitude!

Grateful for you!