We just returned from a trip to California.  As the self-appointed tour director, I affectionately called our trip the can’t sit still tour.  More on that another day.

In the meantime, I am so excited to tell you about two photo projects this week.  Double the fun!!

First, let me introduce a clever online resource for giving your photos a creative twist.  I just whipped up this pop art image in about three simple clicks.  Hop over to Photofunia and review the menu of clever editing options!



Maybe it’s just me, but I found Photofunia to be like a bag of kettle cooked potato chips: you can’t have just one.  Serious photo fun!


Ready for the second project?


Though these photo tiles are tiny (about 2 x 2 inches), my love for them is big.  My current row is about 20 tiles.  They rest on a granite ledge in one room of our house.  I had trouble capturing the entire row with my camera today, but here is a sample.



I love every detail in this picture (my grandparents).

Wanna create one or twenty?   You will need some Mod Podge and a few tiles (tiles are readily available at your local home improvement store).  You can use an actual photo or trimmed photocopy sized to fit your tile.  Attach and seal the photo to the tile with Mod Podge.  Allow the first top coat of Mod Podge to dry completely (it will dry clear even if it appears white as you apply it) and apply a second coat.  Click here for a review of another tile project using tissue paper photos.  Or create coasters using 4 x 4 tiles.

Need a creative theme song? Tune into to the Civil Wars and My Father’s Father

I would love to hear about your creative tile projects or how much you love my song tip!