Today  I am creating something inspired by an art show we attended last spring in Savannah, Georgia.  We happened to stumble upon an outdoor art show there…

It all began with a walk to explore downtown. The first treasure we spotted was this amazing gate!

Look at these arches!

Everything had a warm and antique look.

Even the cemetery we toured was beautiful. Many grave markers indicated age in years and days (e.g. 52 years and 38 days). The engraved details about a loved one’s character, honesty and kindness left a lasting imprint.

Then, I saw this bumper sticker!

It seemed as though I talked to all the exhibiting artists that Savannah night.  And, yes I mean ALL the artists.  I remember my family members were on the brink of starvation and they kept pulling me along and back to the row of restaurants nearby.  I met Miss Kay ( and I loved hearing the story of how she entered the art world.  A few months ago I discovered a store in Franklin, TN which carries Miss Kay paintings!


This is my long background pertaining today’s inspiration.  Finally, a year later, I am sitting with supplies to create.  I am taking the time to experiment – and as usual I have no idea what I am doing.  But I am starting small.  As in… four inches by four inches (a tiny canvas).   If I can make this work; perhaps I can grow into a larger base.  Or perhaps the whole project will be a “fail” and I will have to change the title of this post to “the crap I make.”

Step one. Pretty cute as is… but I am going to add a little distressing and texture. Perfect is overrated, right?

Step Two:  Drying.  Not sure what I did.  I applied Gesso over the photo and then removed it creating rough edges and a more matte versus gloss photo.

Cute? I guess it just depends.  I like it!