“The principal point of cleverness

is to know how to value things just as they deserve.”   
– Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I have been talking to the friendly staff of my favorite local Target store about obtaining a few giant pencils decorating the store ceiling as a back to school reminder.  I submitted a request; expressing an interest in obtaining a few pencils for the I Back Jack golf outing and upcoming Ann’s Hope Foundation running events.  My vision? Repurpose these giant pencils as directional markers.

Today I received the call that the store’s staff saved a dozen pencils for me.  My creative juices were flowing as I tried to fit a dozen pencils (I did mention they were giant, right) into my Rav4.  The pencil tips rested on the top of my dashboard and the erasers were bent into a curve at the back of the vehicle.  The pencil pile rested on one shoulder as I transported them back to my house.  Using wrapping paper, I altered the pencil for the back to school golf outing event!  They will live on in my attic awaiting their next purpose!