wanderlust defined quote ordinary creativeIn a seize-the-weekend decision, we landed in New York last week.  I am all about intention (it is my word of the year in case I haven’t mentioned it lately) so I seriously packed a mission statement and  I shared it with the family.  You can read it below…

advenuture quote ordinary creative

Last year I shared my Top 10 Most Beloved NYC Moments list.  I am recycling the idea because of course, when in the city of David Letterman’s studio, it feels appropriate.  Please be patient and lower your humor expectations.  I didn’t fall while running in Central Park like last year and I still haven’t exactly mastered proper sarcasm.

Top 10 Manhattan Moments, Version #2

#10.)  The deep history of faith in NYC always fascinates me.  It seems there are many treasured hubs of sacred peace in the big city.  And, they welcome you to step inside.




#9.) I love what unfolds as you walk the grid.  We walked everywhere but on one specific jaunt we trekked from Soho to Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Our route passed an elaborate photo shoot focusing on a very tall model wearing a stylish pink winter coat (it was 79 degrees).  We also saw a suitcase commercial being filmed and talked to several lovely locals.


#8.)  Photoville! It was described in Time Out Magazine as one of the top five things to do in the city.  My enthusiasm #8 just might scare you.  I may not continue with the countdown. Take a peak…

Artist: Ian Teh

Artist: Ian Teh

In case you haven’t heard of Photoville, it is a temporary pop-up photo exhibition (it ended on 9.28 but will be back next September). It included presentations, interactive workshops, and multimedia projections.  It’s cleverly based amid shipping containers on Pier #5.  Below is Instagram’s a giant floor to ceiling photo scroll, curated from the global Instagram community.


My favorite container featured an exhibit titled, The Farmers.

IMG_8010 IMG_8007


I am currently working on a project inspired by our visit.  Let me just say, it was a complete experience with gourmet food and well, you know… beverages.


Brooklyn Brewery

#7.)  I know #8 was all about Photoville, but #7 is all about the view from Photoville.



The Freedom Tower

#6.) What can I say?


#5.) We didn’t have time to step into a drama or a comedy or any theatrical venue, but I read up and made a dream list (yes, I am list obsessed and I blame it on my word of the year):  This is Our Youth with Micheal Cera; every play on deck at The Manhattan Theater Club including the current show, The Country House with Blythe Danner, and The Elephant Man with Bradley Cooper.  Oh, and every musical in the heart of Times Square.

#4.) Alan Powell and Caitlin Nicol-Thomas performed a few songs from their new movie, The Song.  They were in NYC for the movie premier and landed on a stage in front of us! They described the movie as a music-based romantic drama about things we all pursue—love and meaning. Can’t wait to see The Song and listen to the movie soundtrack (I just purchased it!).


#3.) Still fascinated with the High Line, the elevated freight rail line that has been transformed into a public park on Manhattan’s West Side.


#2.) We did a little shopping at the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets (outside the city in Central Valley).  We didn’t manage to step foot in the Tory Burch store.  Seriously, look at this line to gain entry to the store!  We did enjoy Vineyard Vines, Hunter, Burberry, Lululemon, Kate Spade, etc. but we didn’t buy much.  It is huge (200+ stores) and interesting to see many guests pulling suitcases!  I am not sure why.  Maybe to hold all the purchases?   If you have been, please enlighten me on the suitcases.


#1.)  Best.concert.ever.


I learned something new about live music: attend the last show of a tour.

“When the curtain falls for one last time and closes out the show.
Marching left, right, left, another step. Keep smiling as you go.”

– Moving On lyrics, NEEDTOBREATHE

The “good energy” was completely contagious (see mission statement at the beginning of this post).   An expanded set list, song introductions that included in-depth back stories and musical perfection resulted in an epic concert.  It was awesome to see The Oh Hello’s perform (opening band)!  Serious joy in that theater, both on stage and in the audience.


The Oh Hello’s and NEEDTOBREATHE; sharing the stage for a couple of tracks!

We met The Oh Hello’s after the show and learned they are from Austin, Texas and are an intentionally independent band.  Did I mention I caught the drumstick at the end of their set?  Now that is funny!


I will leave you with some song suggestions….

1.) The Song (Awaken Love), Alan Powell, from The Song soundtrack

2.) Falling Like Stars, Caitlin Nicol-Thomas, from The Song soundtrack

3.) The Lament of Eustace, The Oh Hello’s

4.) Eat you Alive, The Oh Hello’s

5.) All NEEDTOBREATHE songs.  Or at the very least this playlist…

Needtobreathe suggested playlist

 I would love to hear about your favorite spots in NYC!