We recently returned from a quick visit to the city!  It seems to be a city of many names:  Manhattan, the Big Apple, Metropolitan New York, Gotham, or the Garment Capital.

My love for this city is very enthusiastic.  It scared the children.  During our taxi ride from the airport to the hotel I laid my plan as travel director.  I declared we would only eat local (we failed at the franchise free goal).  I advised my family members to buckle up your comfortable boots: the best way to really experience the city is on foot.  I asked them to forgo sleep to really embrace all our opportunities for adventure.  I ignored their eye rolls. But did let them sleep.

I even sang for the family in that Chelsea-bound cab ride (thank you Jay Z and Alicia Keys for your brilliant little theme song*).

“Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York”
Available at FishEddy, Flatiron District.

Available at Fishs Eddy, Flatiron District.


Top 10 Most Beloved NYC Moments

When in the hub of David Letterman, generate a top ten list.

10.) We stumbled upon this treasure, Doughnut Plant, just steps from hotel.


Later I read Fodor’s reviewed Doughnut Plant in a recent edition of their New York City guide: “If the cupcake craze is getting you down, head to the Doughnut Plant, where the all-American junk food staple is elevated to high art.”  Doughnut art speaks my language.

But we also loved the cupcakes.


9.) I advised everyone to look for symbols and messages.  I wanted them to tune in.  To look around.  To notice the small and simple, amid the humbling height and bright lights.





8.) The jaw-dropping High Line is a city treasure.  Have you been?  The High Line is a public park built on a 1.45-mile-long elevated former rail structure running from Gansevoort Street to West 34th Street on Manhattan’s West Side.  It’s like a floating park.  Think metal and steel marvels.






7.) Of course we love Central Park.  On a beautiful and sunny morning I ran in Central Park among the locals and tourists.  I felt a connection with my fellow runners.  And then, well… I was floating.  I was in a prone horizontal position (think Superman) thinking in mid-air:  1.) this is going to be a spectacularly painful landing and 2.) how can I rewind and redo that last step to avoid this moment?  I crashed with only a skinned knee and a dirty phone case.  The life lesson?  Runners will pick you up when you fall.  I was literally lifted and emotionally overwhelmed with their concern.  After thanking them, I did what all runners do:  keep calm and run on.

6.) I love the city dogs.  I think it’s the magic of seeing animals sprinkled amid the concrete, the yellow cabs and hustling walkers.  Call me a weirdo.  Do you see the tiny Boston Terrier below?



Random stylish city dog. See a glimpse of her Burberry collar? Her smile says it all.

5.) My little teen’s favorite color is Tiffany blue so we walked to the mecca of all that is blue on Fifth Avenue.  In the elevator we observed two couples leaving with new engagement rings.  The bride-to-be in the back was doing a happy dance and sharing the magic of her moment. The future bride standing next to me was spellbound with her eyes fixed upon her ring in a total trance of silence.


4.) We toured the Empire State building arriving at 11 p.m.  Did you know the last elevator leaves for the 86th floor at 1:15 a.m.!    We were greeted with vacant lines and a direct path to outdoor observation deck for a new perspective and view!
IMG_9475 IMG_9476
3.) While the teens shopped we wandered a few sacred places.  I haven’t stopped thinking about St. Paul’s, just steps from the World Trade Center site.  As you might know it was a place of refuge for many during the 9/11 terrorist attack as it miraculously survived the nearby building collapse of towers 1 & 2.  Next time you are in the city I recommend entering the treasured centers of faith.
St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

2.)  Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage.”  It seems an appropriate introduction for number two on this list.  We jumped on The Ride in Times Square.  This interactive, sideways stadium-seated bus tour was a trip highlight.  One part theater + one part improv comedy + one part fascinating history lesson = 75 minutes of fun.
A view from The Ride.

A view from The Ride.

1.) Snow Geese at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre.  Oh what a night.  This play elicited laughter, tears and a joyful moment with Mary Louise Park.  Drop everything and make your way to see this play.  The Broadway line-up is currently super-charged with fantastic options.
*Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z (with Alicia Keys)
Writer(s): Alicia Augello-Cook, Jane’T. Sewell, Angela Hunte, Shawn Carter