Creatively carving out volunteer time in support of a cause near and dear to my heart today.  Kid’s Fest in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin was underway with an  Ann’s Hope tent full of fun and sun safety education.  It was a beautiful day to spread a critical message: protect your skin and eyes from the sun.   It is estimated that 80% of melanomas are due to ultraviolet light damage to the skin. Avoidance of excessive sunlight on the skin, particularly sunburn is the effective way to prevent all skin cancer including melanoma.  Practice sun safety by:

  • staying out of the sun in the middle of the day
  • wearing a hat
  • walking on the shady side of the street when possible
  • sitting under beach umbrellas or trees

Sunscreens should be used as additional protection for the skin and are very important when sunlight intensity is high, ie at the beach, in the middle of the day, and during sporting events requiring a long time exposed to the sun. A factor 30 waterproof sunscreen is best.  It is important to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

Children and teenagers are more at risk from sunlight damage than older people. As we get older our skin thickens and is more resistant to sunlight damage. It is particularly important for parents to ensure that young children are well protected when playing in the sunlight!  And today’s Kids’ Fest was the perfect forum for talking directly to parents about sun safety!

The kids loved this game!

For more information:   Ann’s Hope Foundation for Melanoma!

Just in case you would like to support my fundraising goal, click over here to make a contribution: Team Ann’s Hope – Home.  Once you arrive at the website, click on “sponsor a participant” and enter my name (Debbie Schaefer).  Every dollar will support melanoma research initiatives and educational efforts.