The girls tell me we never properly celebrate or decorate for most holidays.  I disagreed with them on the celebrate comment, but I did admit to some laziness when it comes to dragging out the decorations for most holidays.  With Halloween just around the corner I promised to dig through our “fall” bins and make some wicked cool magic in our house.

Today was a baby step with some decoration upgrades.

I started with this sparking skull and lightened its mood with false eyelashes and a beaded necklace.

This was a Dollar Store find (below). It is one of those special photos that looks normal one way and scary from an alternative angle. I trimmed the photo to remove it from its cheesy plastic frame and added the image to a stock frame.

From the right angle.

Same photo but from a left angle!

New frame…

I also gave a pumpkin (the manufactured type) a painted makeover using a non-traditional color.



I even decorated her!