Another frame… Promise to stay with me on this versus dismissing it as another frame re-style post!   I gave this little treasured frame wings.  Literally.  In the process of breaking an angel wing charm in half to separate the wings into two segments (which required all and strength) I had a philosophical “aha” moment.  I attached a wing to each side of the frame.  I contemplated painting the round frame very dark grey  but I couldn’t find the specific shade in my paint bin.

This frame was a Pottery Barn purchase dating back to the 1990s, given the baby photo tucked behind the glass.   Its my little pumpkin who joined the family in late 90s.  I vividly remember finding the perfect pumpkin from a local farmer who specializes in harvesting giant pumpkins.  She participated in the photo endeavor cooperating with smiles.  The frame remains exactly the same as when it first perched on a shelf back in 1997.  The lil’ pumpkin… well she has grown and changed.

Contemplating the change from the fall of 1997 to today is where the aha moment occurred.   As she becomes more independent and transitions toward making her own decisions and spreads her wings… I have to trust that everything little thing is going to be alright.

And, that requires my strength.