Randy Pausch quoteWe are covered in white and dreaming of a Crayola summer.  White is just the boss of a Midwestern winter.

IMG_6952 It paints the sky above and the ground below.  And, white touches everything in between.


Mercury milestones create a “should I stay or should I go?” conundrum.  Go outside or hibernate?

IMG_6950 To tip the scales in favor of outside on subzero days I found a little hobby a few years ago.  You might recall other posts on the topic of frozen bubbles and my pursuit to find the most effective recipe for creating the magical spheres.  (To go back in time click here or try this click.)

Last week, I tested a new formula.


IMG_5472Wait for it…

IMG_5498In the snap of a second, I witnessed these bubbles freeze in mid-air and gently land as frozen gems.

IMG_5440Occasionally they shattered on impact.  But most landed intact with soft precision, as if honored to be blessed with a long life expectancy.   Sometimes the wind caught the orbs and they rolled on waves of snow.  The point is… this bubble solution worked.  Over and over again.  The temperature was likely  an important factor (it was -4 degrees), but this bubble formula produced the best results.

IMG_5471The burst of serendipity?

The magic didn’t arrive in a DIY recipe.  No creative solution to report.

I found the formula in the most unlikely place.

IMG_6871The secret ingredient is in the Crayola formula.  Not your ordinary bubbles…. Can you stand the irony?  I am giving up on my homemade bubble recipes and relying on Crayola.

IMG_6978Bubbles offer a fresh lens for seeing wonder.  I hope your weekend is filled with moments of delight.

Please check out Matthew Mayfield’s stellar song, Cold Winds.  Or try Coldplay’s new track, Miracles from the Unbroken Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  Did you see the movie?  The power of Louie Zamperini’s survivor’s spirit is all I can think about.