I have never made a wreath.  Ever.  Until today.  My supplies?  A foam wreath base, linen fabric, my glue gun (I found it!) and ribbon.

Treasured ribbon!

I am not sure I can explain my strategy very well as the process was trail and error.  I started by wrapping the base with the fabric to cover the base.  I used little dots of glue from the glue gun to secure the fabric as I wrapped it around the wreath base.  Easy!

Next, I cut three-inch strips of linen fabric and folded the strips accordion style.  I used a warm iron to help hold the shape and assembled the wreath in segments of my hand-folded ruffles.

I continued attaching fabric segments all the way around until I came full circle.

I attached ribbon to the inner circle to cover the area where the fabric segments were glued to the wreath.  After trying to clean up the loose strings, I used a segment of ribbon to create a wreath loop to hang the wreath.