ee cummings poem

April is slipping away which means National Poetry month will be an official wrap at the stroke of midnight.  I love e.e. cummings.  Maybe its his clever double vowel name or its lowercase beauty. Perhaps its his poetic precision.  Please promise me you will click here and read the entire poem.  Do it for April.

Last month I mentioned pantoum poetry.  Using its magic formula, I wrote a poem for a friend celebrating a milestone April birthday.  With her blessing I am sharing it here today with the hope that you are inspired to create one for someone in your life.  Maybe a Mother’s Day gift?  Or, honor a graduate?  Write about your son or daughter or best friend.


Go forth and write and let your words dance.

I would love to hear about it!

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I saw the movie trailer for The Fault in Our Stars last weekend on the big screen.  Have you read John Green’s brilliant book?  Hurry before it hits theaters on June 6!  I carry this book in my heart.  And, I have already purchased two songs from the movie soundtrack (not fully released).  I started with Not about Angels (by Birdy) and Without Words (by Ray LaMontagne).  

A lyrical sample of Without Words:

I can hear the morning birds
Light up on the branches
And each in turn
They sing of all God’s praises
Yes, without words
Without words.